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Meet Sherry Schaefer

Chavender director, co-coach & mid-level leadership and succession planning expert

Hi, I'm Sherry! Here's a little bit about me.

Sherry is co-coach in Chavender, and leads the mid-level professional training programs, as well as the mentorship and succession planning offerings.


Sherry received her Bachelors in Recreation Therapy, specializing in geriatric care settings. Her engaging personality made her a natural leader and she quickly took on new roles and responsibilities in special event planning, management and fund development and fundraising.


Sherry completed a Masters in Health Administration with a specialization in leadership and team building strategies so that she could bring her people-focused approach to the institutions where she was working. Specifically, Sherry gravitated to mentorship: she saw it as a built-in opportunity for organizations looking to strengthen their leaders, and the culture of their organization by expanding networks and relationships across the organization.


Sherry spent 35 years at CapitalCare and CapitalCare Foundation, a long term care organization that supports ten seniors homes across the capital region of Alberta. As the Foundation Director for 10 years, she completed two significant capital campaigns (raising more than $15 Million), led major signature events with up to 500 attendees, and supported staff in the development of sustainable succession plans within the organization. 


At Chavender, Sherry devotes her time to the community of emerging leaders: the next generation of executives who are poised to take over our institutions in the coming years. She also works one-on-one with her own roster of clients, helping them learn about their leadership style and how to become effective leaders for their organizations. Sherry runs Next Level Talent Development, a 6 month group program for mid-level people and managers to help them gain the confidence to own their personal space, and negotiation for what they are worth. 


Sherry values continuous improvement, professional growth, and succession planning and has been a contributing member of many organizations over the years, including ATRA, ARPA, CTRA, AFP Edmonton, CAGP Alberta North, and AFFRE. Sherry’s passion for mentorship is rooted in the appreciation for the mentorship she has received over the years, as well as the positive experiences she has had mentoring and tutoring others over the years.


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... That's the Official Bio

…And here’s a little more about Sherry so that you can get to know her and love her like we do here at Chavender.



Some fun facts about Sherry:

  • Sherry and her husband Dave love to travel and find new adventures along the way. They have been to three continents and travelled to more than 15 different countries. Their next big adventure is some East to West roaming throughout North America to see the amazing landscapes and iconic tourist stops. 

  • Sherry dabbles in creative visual arts, maintaining the artforms she already has interest in and exploring new areas to see what lies next in her passion for creativity. Cooking new cuisines are also at the top of the interest list and rival her love of music and theatre.

  • Want to learn more about what makes Sherry tick? Well, grab a cup of tea and join her for a casual chat around a warm outdoor fire or campsite and you will get to some true insight on the joys of living (according to Sherry!)