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Underdog Leadership Podcast

with Jenny Mitchell

A podcast to help #2’s become #1’s in life and work. Jenny believes in the power of the underdog – the person who has overcome hardship, stereotyping, typecasting, or debilitating self-doubt to step into the best version of themselves. Underdogs lead with compassion and kindness. These leaders are hard-wired to make the world a better place for everyone.


Join Jenny in this podcast to grow your skills, step into who you were always meant to be, and expand into your best version of yourself. Because right now, the world needs more underdog leadership

This Season

Episode 1

Transformational Leadership in Six Steps or Less

On this week’s episode I’m bringing you the three dimensions of leadership as well as the six components that you MUST keep your eye on as an amazing, inspirational, visionary leader…

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Episode 2

You Are Not Your Title!

You are not defined by whatever group of words your boss or organization chooses to put after your name on your business card. You are so much more than that, and you have so much more to contribute. It all starts with you…

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Episode 3

Behind the Scenes at Chavender: Meet Coach Sherry Schaefer

On this week’s episode I get to introduce you to my beautiful friend, colleague, and co-coach within Chavender…

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Episode 4

How to Identify Burnout

Holiday season is upon us and as a professional fundraiser, as a woman, as a mother, I think it’s important to talk openly about burnout and how to identify its markers before things go too far…

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Episode 5

Self-Limiting Beliefs

I could write a whole book on self-limiting beliefs but today, we’ll settle for one Underdog Leadership Podcast episode. I’m giving you the opportunity to hear about some of the limiting…

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Episode 6

The Lost Art of Listening with Guest Tammy Zonker

Let me introduce you to Tammy Zonker! Tammy is the CEO and Founder of Fundraising Transformed with helps nonprofits drive…

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Episode 7

Stuck in Pleaser Mode

Are you a People Pleaser? As a leader, I know my job is not to be liked. My job is to help bring about important decisions and milestones that the missions and organizations work for…

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Episode 8

Unusual Career Paths with Mary Cote from iWave

Today, my guest and I are chatting a little bit about life, a little bit about work, a little bit about family, and A LOT about unusual career paths. Let me…

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Episode 9

How to be Sweet but Fearless with Guest Mary Sullivan

In season 2 we’ve been talking about the theme of rebellion. And I just knew I had to have Mary Sullivan on the podcast. Mary introduces herself as the Irrepressible Major-League…

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