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Underdog Leadership Podcast

with Jenny Mitchell

A podcast to help #2’s become #1’s in life and work. Jenny believes in the power of the underdog – the person who has overcome hardship, stereotyping, typecasting, or debilitating self-doubt to step into the best version of themselves. Underdogs lead with compassion and kindness. These leaders are hard-wired to make the world a better place for everyone.


Join Jenny in this podcast to grow your skills, step into who you were always meant to be, and expand into your best version of yourself. Because right now, the world needs more underdog leadership

This Season

Episode 1

Giving Yourself Permission to Do The Big Thing

Tune in as we delve into actionable strategies and mindset shifts to help you achieve that BIG thing in your life. Whether you’re starting a project, business, or embarking on a personal development journey, this episode provides insights on staying the course and reaching new heights…while having FUN along the way.

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Episode 2

For The Love of God, Will You Please Lead!

Leadership Vacuums. It’s when everyone is polite, doesn’t say hard things that need to be said, & meetings start to look like merry-go-arounds. Is this you? From personal decisions to workplace dynamics, being unclear in your leadership role can lead to a host of problems. This episode is all about taking charge in your life and at work. 

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Episode 3

How to Retain Talent Through Mentorship with Sherry Schaefer

In this episode you’ll get actionable strategies and insights that will empower you to invest in the success of others. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or an aspiring professional, this episode promises to inspire, inform, and elevate your journey.

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Episode 4

How to Get (More) Comfortable Doing New Things

Listen up & loosen up those tight shoulders! We’re diving deep into the art of stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new experiences. Jenny’s got 7 powerful techniques, from her personal experiences and her years of executive coaching, designed to help you break free from the confines of your comfort zone.

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Episode 5

How to Bring Magic to your Work with Amy Lynn Durham

This episode is magic.

Tune in to listen to our conversation about spiritual intelligence for leaders in the workplace and how you can bring magic to work with you.

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Episode 6

How to Brag about your Accomplishments Without Feeling Icky with Lisa Bragg

It’s the hardest thing for women leaders to do: to talk about their wins in a way that doesn’t feel icky. Lisa Bragg, the author of “Bragging Rights,” joins us for this not-to-be-missed conversation to help women (re)claim their narrative and assert their personal self-worth in both personal and professional spaces.

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Episode 7

How to use Enneagram to address conflict in your team

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Episode 8

Guest Speaker Announced Soon!

Coming Soon!

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