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Psychology of Money

A program designed to teach you how to negotiate 

what you’re worth! (Formerly titled, ‘Money Mindset’)

Are you stuck in the hamster wheel of “not-enoughness” when it comes to Money? Does it feel like everyone else has it figured out, and you’re sitting on the sidelines trying to get in the game?


In this course I will share with you the secrets of how wealthy people think about money. We’ll dive deep into the psychology of money to understand your personal relationship with money. And once we identify your deeply held personal beliefs about money – beliefs you learned organically at your kitchen table growing up – you will be able to set your sights on making more money than you ever thought possible. 

Choose your Path: An Intentional Offering for all Stages of your Journey with Money

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Money Archetype Assessment

Understanding your own Money Archetype will change your perception of money forever… and that’s a good thing!


Every one of us has a very personal relationship with money. As fundraising professionals who work with high-net-worth individuals, we first must understand our own money mindset before we can truly serve our donors and mission fully.


Take the online assessment, which includes a 30 minute follow up call with me to better understand and action your results!

The Psychology of Money

My signature program, with a refreshed name! …A program designed to teach you how to negotiate for what you’re worth.


What if the biggest barrier to your success is… YOU? Understanding your relationship with money is a game changer for your career, as well as your personal life. This is your opportunity to get clear on what you want your money to DO for you in your life and work:


  • You’ll learn how your natural defaults around money are sabotaging your future earnings
  • You’ll learn that negotiation doesn’t have to feel icky.
  • You’ll learn that it’s totally okay to stand up and ask for what you’re worth.


Whether we’re talking about sales, salary negotiations, family finances, asking for donations or just talking about money in general… Healthy money stories result in health bank accounts, profitable businesses and successful sales conversations.

Foundation to Financial Freedom

Foundation to Financial Freedom is all about creating a simple, easy-to-maintain money management system that serves your highest, best interests. I have taken a course with Doris and can fully vouch for what a thought-provoking financial advocate she is and how valuable her courses are – a perfect ’next step’ for those who have completed The Psychology of Money (or previously, Money Mindset) course.


This course is based on three main pillars:

  • Ditch the budget.
  • Use your core values to drive your financial decision-making.
  • Start building an empowering relationship with money.


This course is for all women+, created by a woman. It’s a safe space using a No Shame, No Blame, No Judgment approach.

And… it all starts with the Psychology of Money and your personal mindset. More to come on Doris’ course, launching early October!