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About Chavender

Welcome to Chavender. We work with mid- to senior executives to build their leadership skills through one-on-one and group coaching programs.

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First of all, what's with the Fish?

Why ‘Chavender’ and why the fish? 

Chavender is named after a fish. Not just any fish, but an amazingly adaptable saltwater fish that lives in the Georges Bank, just west of Nova Scotia. The Chavender has survived climate change, overfishing and environmental disasters by adapting to its environment. 

Not unlike the Chavender fish, leaders need to be strong and adaptable to an ever-changing climate. What’s not to love about the Chavender?

Meet the Chavender Team

Jenny Mitchell,
CEO & Executive Coach

Jenny Mitchell is an executive coach, a podcaster, and a published author who is on a mission to help people have more meaningful conversations. She is a lifelong learner who holds an executive coaching degree for Royal Roads University, a CFRE fundraising designation, and a Doctor of Musical Arts from SUNY Stony Brook in piano performance.


Jenny is the Founder & CEO of Chavender and most frequently works with executive level leaders in both non-profit and corporate settings. 

Sherry Schaefer,
Director & Coach

Sherry is co-coach in Chavender, and leads the mid-level professional training programs, as well as the mentorship and succession planning offerings.


Sherry values continuous improvement, professional growth, and succession planning and has been a contributing member of many organizations over the years,   including ATRA, ARPA, CTRA, AFP Edmonton, CAGP Alberta North, and AFFRE. 

Sherry’s passion for mentorship is rooted in the appreciation for the mentorship she has received over the years, as well as the positive experiences she has had mentoring and tutoring others over the years. 

Our Clients

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