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Chavender | Not-for-Profit Fundraising Consulting

Certificate Program

Great leaders create and inspire change at their organizations.

When leaders have access to the supports they need to thrive, the positive impact on the organization is exponential. Working with a fundraising professional is the fastest path to help you raise more money for your mission that matters. It’s like having a fundraising consultant at a fraction of the cost.


Coaching is so much more than just fundraising skills. Work with me to uncover the core beliefs that are holding you back, that are undermining your good intentions at work, and limiting your professional success. Uncover your natural strengths, and learn how you can maximize these strengths for personal and professional growth.

Coaching gives you access to the skills and support you need to grow


What can coaching do for you?


You’ve reached a plateau—personally or professionally—and you want to move forward, but are struggling with the action steps to get you there.


A coach helps guide you to think differently about a situation. A coach supports you to make the best possible choices, while learning new tools and techniques that can be implemented in other parts of your life. I’ve coached clients through:

  • Launching a successful middle-giving campaign, including supporting their board to make these new asks.
  • Strategy development for Major Gift Donors that added over $250,000 worth of value to the portfolio.
  • Transitioning from Director of Development to securing a new job as CEO.
  • Motivating their team through team building approaches that “raise the fundraising bar” for the whole organization.
  • Regaining control of their time so they can focus on the activities that bring in revenue.


Support – 3 months of coaching delivered in one hour sessions to help you move through your personal and professional roadblocks 

Deep Dive – 6 months of coaching sessions designed to help you, deep dive, into your current situation, and build an achievable path towards your personal definition of success. The Deep Dive approach is $2,500 per month for 6 months.

For pricing information on coaching packages, get in touch with Jenny.

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