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Overcoming Objections

How to own your space, and keep the conversation
going AFTER the ask. A FREE Masterclass,
happening Tuesday, January 23 at 1:30pm EST 

It’s less about the objection, and more about how you handle the objection that matters.

If you want to move donations, strategies and cultures forward, you will have to manage objections from others. Objections are simply a part of life.


Handling Objections is a VERY special skill reserved for experienced communicators and leaders.  People who handle objections well are sought after, are well paid, and people like and respect them.


  • Managed well, objections provide an amazing opportunity to keep the conversation going from a maybe to a yes.
  • Managed badly, objections bottleneck your entire strategic effort, and force you to backstep or worse, retreat.

Learn more about this FREE (Yes, Free!) Masterclass!

I am opening up my wealth of information, experience and knowledge as a leader, business owner and fundraising communicator to deliver a strategic mastermind on Overcoming Objections as a FREE gift to my community of leaders and fundraisers for January.


Registration is FREE, but you must register in order to receive the link.

January 23 at 1:30 pm EST. 45 minute session with 15 minute Q and A.


We’ll Cover: 

  • How to get clear on what the underlying objection is
  • Techniques to avoid getting stuck in a YES/NO situation
  • Strategies to reposition objections into something you can move forward with


Have an objection that you’d love help with? 

Send it to me at [email protected] with a subject line that says Objections and I will do my best to include it in the masterclass. 

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