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21 Amazing Major Gift Conversation Starters

21 Amazing Major Gift Conversation Starters

There’s a fine balance between preparing TOO MUCH and TOO LITTLE for Major Gift Meetings. A great phrase I like to use with clients is “What’s the absolute BARE minimum you need to know before going into a potential donor meeting?” My key information includes:

  • Past history of giving (amount and recency of gift, kind of gift – was it sponsorship, company gift, personal gift)
  • Connection to the organization (via Board member, staff etc)
  • Documented philanthropic passion – is it very PUBLIC where they have given in the past?

That’s the BASIC info you need in order to sit face-to-face with a donor and talk intelligently with them.

Stumped on what kind of questions you can use to engage a potential donor, now that you’ve GOTTEN the meeting?

DOWNLOAD your 21 AMAZING Major Gift Conversation Starters

This is a great list of questions – use it freely, share it with your colleagues, and let me know how they worked for you. Drop me a line at [email protected]. I LOVE hearing how my tools and solutions are making an impact in our philanthropic world.  Write your stories in the comments below.

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