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Customer Success Manager at Blackbaud Canada

Below is a recent letter that I wrote to Kivi Leroux Miller about my experience in one of her online classes.  My biggest take-away from Kivi’s class was that there are people out there that are struggling with the same issues that I am, and that we really should find ways to “share the space.”

Here are three suggestions for including peer-to-peer support in your daily work routine:

  • Pick up the phone and talk to a fellow fundraiser about a challenge you are having. Better yet, invite them out for lunch to talk in person;
  • Use a conference, or a learning opportunity to connect with a fellow fundraiser – someone with whom you would like to build a relationship. The fact that you like their energy, or their perspective is as good a reason as any to start a conversation;
  • Formalize any of the above-mentioned relationships into a bi-weekly or monthly call with your new colleague.  Use skype, or google hangout - so that you can actually see each other – and create a peer-to-peer safe environment where you can articulate short-term tasks or professional goals that you want to accomplish before the next peer coaching session.

Talking on the phoneLately, I’ve been investing more money in my business. And every time I spend my hard-earned money, I get nervous: my stomach gets all weird and crampy the instant I phone and ask for help. Do I REALLY want to do this? How can I be sure that I will get exactly what I am looking for? The reality is  I can’t  That’s why it’s so scary. I am here to tell you that asking for help can not only be as good as you imagine, it can actually be better! The only certainty for not-for-profits is that change is a reality. No matter how great your staff, programs, and board are, if you don’t look for ways to improve and change, you will be left behind. Let me repeat that - you WILL be left behind.