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frustrationUsing the right technologies to communicate with younger volunteers
  No, they’re not ignoring you. They are living, working and playing through different communications channels. Email, a “communications staple” of our office lives, is much less important to young people. Here’s a nifty list of communications tools that you can use to communicate with youth volunteers “in their space.” Most importantly, don’t forget to ask younger volunteers “how” they want to be communicated with.

diane under one roofUPDATE 2014: Under One Roof has now changed it's name to 25ONECommunity. Same great organization, new name. If you were looking for proof that Ottawa’s hip factor is on the rise, look no further than this blog post. Ottawa peeps, meet Under One Roof, our newest social mission “hub.” So here’s the scoop: Under One Roof is modeled after the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto - it is another example of a growing trend of not-for-profit “hubs.” “You can be a for-profit business or a non-profit, but in order to be accepted here you have to have a social mission,” says Diane Touchette, Under One Roof President and Founder.

[caption id="attachment_70" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Sarah Banks -communications gal"] [/caption] Meet Sarah Banks, Communications Manager for the YMCA of Hamilton/ Burlington/ Brantford. My colleague Sarah agreed to guest blog and share her perspective on being an inhouse communications person. Sarah's Post: The in-house special Why a full-time communications employee may be the way to go We’ve all heard the pros and cons of being a freelance communications consultant but what about the pros and cons on the client side—contracting out communications work vs. hiring a full-time in house expert. My friend and fellow communications gal, Jenny Mitchell has asked me to share my insight on being the latter, as she represents the former. I’m more than happy to do so and take great delight in the paradoxical fact that I’m in my pajamas as I plink away at the keyboard on a Sunday morning. As I see it, there are three key advantages to hiring in-house. Cost, intimate knowledge of the subject at hand and convenience are the three bonuses to consider. Allow me to elaborate:

I received an email this week from one of my very good friends. She has three small children and she asked me: "Jenny, are you taking time out for yourself?" She has recently hired a babysitter for one morning a week and is dedicating this time to herself - not groceries, not children's doctor's appointments. She is going to recharge herself by taking long walks, writing letters, quilting, napping, coffee with friends, the occasional manicure. She also included a tasty cheesecake recipe in her email. My initial reaction was “Good idea, but where the heck would I find time to bake a homemade cheesecake?” Then I paused for a moment: what’s stopping me from making time to bake a cheesecake? I it possible that baking would force me to focus on finishing my most important tasks first – is this a motivational cheesecake?