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Your words are your truth

Life & Leadership - Your words are your truth

Your words are your truth

Life & Leadership - Your words are your truth

They stealthily creep into your language. They may be small, but they pack a big wallop!

I’m talking about those “hedge” words that bracket the good intentions of other words: just, I think, maybe, I’m sorry, my apologies, perhaps we could.

Sometimes the language is self-deprecating, used as a tool to build trust with others. Sometimes it sneaks in as an old habit, or a way of softening something else in the sentence. Sometimes you use it to hedge your bets when you’re about to say something bold, visionary, or rife with conflict.

These little words do so much damage.

  • They undermine your leadership “I just need to finish this newsletter before I go home tonight.”
  • They weaken your resolve to act. “Maybe I’ll give my favorite donor a call today.”
  • They distract you from what’s important. “I’m sorry that I missed the last meeting. I had my cat in for corrective eye surgery (what??)”

Fundraisers work in a world full of possibility. There is no room for hedge words that undermine your honorable intentions.

Removing these words from your vocabulary makes you a better leader, a better writer and a better fundraiser.


Do a language inventory. What words are you overusing? What words do you commit to removing from your vocabulary? How will this new commitment to your language change your intentions?