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Customer Success Manager at Blackbaud Canada

linkedinHonestly, if you can’t personalize the 11 words in your pre-formatted LinkedIn note, I’m really not that interested in connecting with you. This post is about making it personal. It’s something that I spend a lot of time thinking about because I wear two hats – I run a small business, but I also work with not-for-profits. Funnily enough, I use the same correspondence rules for both: Be personal, be genuine, and do your best to make each and every one of them feel important and unique in your eyes.

For all you smaller not-for-profits out there who are thinking about starting a sponsorship program -  this one’s for you. Meet Diane and Jen: local Ottawa real-estate agents interested in making meaningful connections in the communities where they work. Diane and Jen want to do more than just “give money” to these communities - they want to reach out, and touch the pulse of these communities so they can get to the essence of what each neighborhood is about. Wait a minute! that sounds like a lot of not-for-profits I know. Yes! Read on.