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The story behind the gift

Relationships - The story behind the gift

The story behind the gift

Relationships - The story behind the gift

Every gift tells a story, if you take the time to listen. #fundraisingmojo ← Tweet this

When donors choose your organization to make a gift, they are telling you something about themselves:

  • I believe in the importance of helping others in need
  • I care about my country’s democracy
  • My mother had a real passion for music and I want her passion to live on through a bursary for others
  • I trust the leadership of this organization. I know that they will do good work with my dollars.

The gift is about them, not you. They are acting on their most meaningful core values. And that’s why it doesn’t work when you dive into your “organization-speak” around what “we” can accomplish vis-à-vis these identified strategic priorities.

Their gift is a beautiful first chapter in what will hopefully be a long story. It’s a beginning, not an end. How can you celebrate this beautiful beginning? You can:

  • Learn and honour the story behind the gift, and what’s most important to the donor
  • Invite them to see their gift in action, in real life, for maximum impact
  • Spend time with them to let them know that you value their gift, and their story

Every gift in your database tells a story. Are you listening? #fundraisingmojo ← Tweet this




When was the last time you learned the story behind a gift? Begin your day with the intention to understand something deeply personal about your donor.

It’s a fundraiser’s job to honour that special story. How well we honour that story is the secret to our success