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3 Steps to Rock Star Board Engagement

3 Steps to Rock Star Board Engagement

I’ve been facilitating many board engagement training sessions this month. When I talk to clients, they tell me they are “looking for commitment from board members to fundraising.”

But what does that look like? What does that mean?

Honestly, I don’t know. And I WORK in fundraising!

All board members WANT to help, but not all board members know HOW to help.
All board members WANT to help, but not all board members know HOW to help.   ← Tweet this

Help your board help you

The world is a busy, rambunctious place. Board members are not mind readers, and they don’t understand your subtle hints. You’ve got to spell things out for them.

“Megan, I am looking for an introduction to organization X. Do you know anyone there, and can you make an introduction for me?”
“James, you know what would be amazing? If you or one of your board colleagues could host a cultivation party in support of our organization. I have a whole list of people who I would like to bring closer to the organization, but I need an introduction.”
“Susan, would you consider making your annual gift a little earlier this year? I know that the board would really be inspired by this gesture.”

Great board engagement around fundraising happens when the board is clear—and I mean crystal clear—about what activities they are invited to do in the fundraising file.

Your Turn—ready, set, go!

Take a blank piece of paper. What activities (be specific!) would you like your board to undertake this year in the fundraising file. Check out my list of Opportunities to Engage to get you started. Then bring this list to your next board meeting. Invite each board member to select 3 things that they will own in support of the fundraising file at your shop.

Help board members get clear on WHAT they are doing so they are motivated to ACT on behalf of your organization for fundraising success.

They feel good because they’ve contributed.

Board members feel good because they’ve contributed, and you feel great because you’re acting as Chief Visionary Officer and leading your volunteers to fundraising success.

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