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49 Ways to Engage your Community

49 Ways to Engage your community

49 Ways to Engage your Community

“I know I am supposed to connect with people, but I just don’t know how.”

49 Ways to Engage your communityI hear that from my clients a LOT. How do you build an authentic relationship with someone so you can “bring them closer” to the organization….when you’ve just met them?

Fundraising gets a bad rap (in my opinion) when we try to “jump” over logical relationship steps. That’s the scenario where you’ve just been introduced to someone, and then in the next breath you’re asking them for a 5 figure gift to the organization. Nope. You can’t fall in love on a first date.

So here it is! A list of 49 Ways to Bring People Closer to your organization. Engagement activities are categorized by low, medium, high and super high. Think about the relationships you already have with people and donors, and determine the best, most appropriate activity that will “bring them a little closer” to the organization.

This list has 49 ideas. Here’s my challenge to you: in the comments section, write down your best engagement tool at your shop. Let’s see if we can get this list to 100 and I will publish it again with all of your ideas.

Download your list of 49 Ways to bring people closer to your organization

Ready, set, engage!