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Your role as Chief Visionary Officer

Your role as Chief Visionary Officer

Fundraisers are the GLUE that holds our departments together. We are the facilitators, we are the opportunity providers, we are the people connectors.

Our positive attitude is quite possibly our single greatest asset (besides our keen ability to listen!)

But when you’re starting to feel like you’re the lone wolf in your department, when leadership starts to treat the fundraising department like their own personal ATM machine, when you’re struggling to explain to your boss(es) that you can’t just ask for a gift on the first visit with a new contact, you’ve got to push back – gently – and lean into your role as Chief Visionary Officer at your organization.


What’s a Chief Visionary Officer? They are someone like you! They champion fundraising initiatives in the department, they think strategically about how to grow and invest in a fundraising department, and they value the people and the relationships that exist around and throughout the organization.

  • Yes, we raise money. But we do it on our donor’s terms, and not for anybody else’s excel spreadsheet that doesn’t balance.
  • Yes, we engage in “ask conversations”. But we do it when the time is right, when the prospect is ready, and with the right people in the room.
  • Yes, we are motivated and love a challenge. But only when we get a chance to provide input and buy in into our targets and goals. (and no, a 25% increase year over year is not an achievable target, just because you want to grow your organization by 25%)

Here’s your chief visionary officer one page download.  Post it on your office door to remind your team that fundraising is a relationship activity, not a transactional experience.

Ready to lean into your role as Chief Visionary Officer? Join me for one-on-one coaching sessions to help you lead with confidence, raise more money, and be happier doing it! [email protected]