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Finding your Place of Power

Finding your Place of Power

Mindset - Finding your Place of Power

Transition creates discomfort. It’s like wearing a pair of jeans that you haven’t tried on in a few years. The jeans may fit, but they don’t look as good as they used to, or your tastes have changed. Either way, the jeans don’t fit the same way anymore.

When you’re pushing through your comfort zone at work, things are going to feel uncomfortable.

  • You’re following a new productivity schedule, but no one else in the office seems to understand (or respect) your method.
  • You’re redefining your key metrics at work, but everyone seems to be putting up obstacles in front of you.
  • You’re choosing to play in a bigger pond of fish—donors, board members, staff seniority—and your internal gremlins are feasting on all this new material. “Don’t call so-and-so. He/she will never take a call from the likes of you . . . “

It’s natural to feel discomfort when you’re changing patterns and behaviours.

When you’re uncomfortable, remind yourself of why you chose to make the changes. Find your place of power, your statement or your mantra for how you provide value to your community and your organization. Your place of power starts something like this.

  • I believe . . .
  • I know that . . .
  • My passion fuels me because . . .


Take 10 minutes to write out your professional mantra.
Start with one of the sentences above, or create your own. Write down why:

  1. your work is important
  2. you have the perfect skill set to accomplish this work
  3. your contribution makes a unique difference

Your mantra should be about 2 sentences long.
Once you have it, read it out loud and get comfortable saying it. When you feel that discomfort towards change happening at the office (or at home) repeat your mantra in your head, and remind yourself of how important your contribution is to the situation. Lean into the discomfort.

It’s a sign that change is happening.