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Getting Out of Your Head and into Your Heart

Getting Out of Your Head and into Your Heart

Nonprofit professionals excel at balancing acts. Think of the trapeze artists at the circus: they balance beauty, artistry, and passion with hard work, perseverance, and commitment to perfection.

This beautiful balancing act is an awesome analogy for our work as fundraisers.

Let me explain.

Balance, beauty, artistry, passion—This is reflected in our attention to communications, how we message the key elements of campaigns, the beautiful experience of connecting with donors on an emotional level through a meaningful conversation. Beauty and passion.

Hard work, perseverance, and commitment to perfection—You’ve got your head to your desk, you’re knee deep in budget projections and event planning. By golly, you ARE going to be successful with your asks this month. Failure is not an option. Your head is running your workplans.  Commitment and perseverance.

Great fundraisers walk the fine line between these two mindsets.

They understand on a molecular level how to connect with people. At the same time, they know they need to speak “organization speak” so they can stay organized, track their performance, and drive revenue for their mission.

Where’s your mindset today? Are you a ballerina, or a sledgehammer?

When you’re off-kilter, hit the reset button and find your way back to gratitude.   ← Tweet this



Connecting with people is the single fastest way to switch to gratitude. Make a list of fellow fundraisers, donors and board members who light you up.

ACTION: Book ONE rendezvous with someone from the bullet points below. Fuel your mojo via connection.

  • People who light you up
  • People you’d like to get to know better

AVOID or MINIMIZE: people who suck your energy and enthusiasm.

Engage your heart to fuel your mindset. Tap into your humanity. You’ve got this!