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Powerful Procrastination Tips

Powerful Procrastination Tips

Powerful Procrastination Tips

“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday”

Why do we do it! Why do we put things off until another day or time?

Are we lazy?
Are we overworked?
Are we stuck?

Procrastination has a nasty way of rearing its ugly head when you least expect it.

Procrastination is the killer of good intentions, planning and success. #fundraisingMOJO   ← Tweet this

Left unchecked, procrastination will become like that absolutely adorable puppy that you bring into your life: it may look cute, and charming and helpful, but in the long run, if you don’t treat it with discipline, it will end up peeing on your floors, eating your furniture and wreaking havoc in your life!

How to avoid procrastination in three simple steps

Step 1—Notice

Got a big report to write? Have a donor that you need to contact? What activities do you start doing INSTEAD of what you really need to do? I start looking for the PERFECT coffee shop to write my blog from, or feel the urge to check my email inbox ONCE MORE in case there’s something that I can respond to . . . instead of completing the task that I’m avoiding.

Step 2—Check in with yourself
You’re avoiding this for a reason. Are you unsure how to start? Are you feeling uncomfortable about the task? What are you worried/concerned about? Be honest with yourself. There may be a good reason.

Step 3—Start with a baby step
Tasks that are overwhelming, unknown, or unclear force us into protection mode via procrastination. Gain control of your forward momentum with a SMALL baby step towards your  goal. Create the file folder for the report, establish the headers in the report, find the right picture for the appeal that you’re working on or get the correct contact information for the person you need to reach out to. Procrastination—and its first cousin perfectionism—will steal your joy and shake your confidence if left unchecked.

Good Enough For Now. Adopt it as your mantra and don’t look back. Leave procrastination and perfectionism in your rear-view mirror. You’ll raise more money for your mission that matters, and you’ll be happier doing it!



What’s the one task you’ve been avoiding? Can you think about it right now? What is holding you back, and what baby step can you do right now to send procrastination packing?

Don’t let procrastination steal your joy.