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Solving the Puzzle of Funding Priorities

Solving the Puzzle of Funding Priorities

Solving the Puzzle of Funding Priorities

I am old enough to remember the original Rubik’s cube. I use this analogy when I am talking with clients about funding priorities.

Imagine you’ve got two Rubik’s cubes

The first Rubik’s cube:

You have a Rubik’s cube of competing funding priorities. Which ones are most important? Is the leadership team committed to this list?

The second Rubik’s cube:

You have all the possible funding opportunities. There are so many places you could focus your time as a not-for-profit professional—grants, individual giving, communications, peer to peer, sponsorship etc.

Is your head hurting yet? No wonder! You have a double Rubik’s cube problem.

Regardless of the size of the fundraising shop,
when there is clarity, there is success
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It is impossible to raise money for a moving target.

Get clear on what you’re raising money.

  1. Identify your top funding priorities for the next year (or few years)
  2. Rank them. Not all priorities are created equal.
  3. Map your priorities to your funding opportunities. Get clear on what your pipeline for success looks like.
  4. Track you time against these priorities. Allocate your time based on these priorities and hold yourself accountable for your time and focus.
  5. Trust your plan. Be positive and ready to adapt the plan if needed.

Where there is clarity, there is success.



Do you know what you’re raising money for?

Get crystal clear on what you’re working towards every day so that you can raise more money, be more focused, and get out of the office by 5 pm.