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Customer Success Manager at Blackbaud Canada

This is the final blog post in a series of 6 entitled the Fundraiser Mindset. You can read my post on Discipline, Strategic, Communication, Passion, and Commitment here.  width=

Compassion begins (and ends) with you.

Choir DirectorI had an amazing choir director when I was at McGill University. He was crazy busy – he conducted an incredible number of chamber choirs and ensembles at the university. I asked him how he did it: how did he keep up his energy level every single day, never wavering in his enthusiasm? His answer was simple. He refueled with the energy from his choirs. They made it possible for him to continue working tirelessly every day.

COMPASSION…. for yourself

What is compassionFundraisers are quick to be compassionate for others – our donors, our program recipients, our colleagues. But we not always compassionate with ourselves.
Compassion begins and ends with me. #fundraisingtruth