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The only two resources you’ll ever need

The only two resources you'll ever need

The only two resources you’ll ever need

Your success as a fundraiser depends on your control of two resources. These two resources impact everything you do: your ability to make informed decisions, raise more money and help the community you serve.

The only two resources you'll ever need

Ready to step into your leadership role?  Ready to raise more money, and have more impact?


Get control of your time and your budget.

Time and budget are the two most important #fundraiser resources. #fundraisingmojo ← Tweet this


Owning your calendar (and the activities in it) is non-negotiable. You’ve got to be able to carve out time for deep work, time for donor meetings, time to strategize and plan. You’ve got to extricate yourself from “administralia” and “make work” projects. You’ve got to learn to say no to irrelevant meetings that don’t positively affect your bottom line, or the relationships you manage. You’ve got to focus on two kinds of activities: things that bring in revenue, and things that will bring in revenue. Not sure what those are? Watch this video, or book a call with me asap to find out.


It costs money to raise money. You are a professional. And as a professional, you’ve got to have control of spending decisions that result in revenue generation. You’ve got to have a budget for fundraising.

When you control your time and your budget, you are your own Chief Visionary Officer. Owning these two resources leads  your team to fundraising success.



If you don’t control your budget, who does?

  • How can you step up and engage them in a leadership conversation about your vision for growth at your shop?
  • Where does you time go in a day?
  • Can you stand behind how you spend every minute and hour of the day?

I’ve got a time audit template and sample fundraising plan budget that I am happy to share. Get in touch at [email protected].