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Vikings, pirates and sponsors – what do they have in common?

Vikings, pirates and sponsors – what do they have in common?

What do vikings, pirates and sponsors have in common?I met these two beauties in London, Ontario at my daughter’s fall ringette tournament. What the heck? What’s with the viking hats? There were TONS of parents walking around the arena with these fashionista helmets.

This, my fundraising friends, is a FABULOUS example of sponsorship ACTIVATION.

The London Ringette teams are sponsored by Big Viking Games, a technology company located in the London area. Parents wear these helmets to get noticed, and provide some extra visibility for their sponsors.

Well. I’d say it’s working pretty darn well. Wouldn’t you like to have a group of keeners out there in the community celebrating your sponsor’s brand?

Top five tips for sponsorship success:
1) Build relationships—think of sponsors as partners, not as ATM machines.
2) Book meetings—ask sponsors what THEY would like to accomplish with their sponsorship dollars.
3) Offer value—from the very first meeting start thinking about how you could “give” before you “receive” from a sponsor.
4) Be brief— Keep your proposals SHORT and to the point. Talk about how you can help them, not about how great your organization is.
5) Be creative—think vikings and pirates…. not logos and boiler plates.

Securing great sponsorship is a skill that can be learned. I know it is, because I’ve taught sponsorship success to people just like YOU!


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