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Why I Give

Why I Give

This month I gave my most meaningful gift ever. And because the gift felt special to me, I have been reflecting on why I give.  I asked myself:

Why now?  Why this amount?  Why is it meaningful to me?

Maybe it’s all this talk about vulnerability, but I am ready to share with you my personal thoughts on Why I Give. By listening to my reasons, I hope it will help you understand why your donors give.

It’s very simple:

I give because I can.
I am proud that I can give, and I feel empowered by my gift.
I truly want my gift to be meaningful to me, to my family and to the institution that receives it.
I hope that my gift will be a rallying point for other people’s donations.
I think of my financial support to the organization as a gift, not just a donation.
Having made my gift, I am completely vested in the future of this organization.
Giving means I care.

Your Organization’s Donors

I would bet that your organization’s donors give for some of the above-mentioned reasons. I have two interesting observations to highlight:

  1. I prefer the word “gift” as opposed to “donation.” I like giving a gift.
  2. I am very much committed to building a relationship with this organization.

Do you know why your donors support your organization? How would you change your communication with them if you were able to understand what the gift meant to them, rather than to you? Just like in Alice in Wonderland, making the leap to the other side of the looking glass can provide you with real insight into your donor and their world.  The experience  is not to be missed.

P.S. I am not done giving to this organization. I have only just begun. Isn’t that interesting?

Photo credit: Flikr user asenal29