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Customer Success Manager at Blackbaud Canada

leadershipAs a people-focused profession, fundraisers have a natural advantage as managers: we understand that people drive our projects, and that success begins with the people that work in our offices, move our mission forward, and communicate our messages externally in not-for-profit workplaces everywhere. If we are good managers, we think about the connection between these two things – people and projects – and how we can support our staff so that they can contribute as fulfilled, and unique members of our teams.

frustrationUsing the right technologies to communicate with younger volunteers
  No, they’re not ignoring you. They are living, working and playing through different communications channels. Email, a “communications staple” of our office lives, is much less important to young people. Here’s a nifty list of communications tools that you can use to communicate with youth volunteers “in their space.” Most importantly, don’t forget to ask younger volunteers “how” they want to be communicated with.

diane under one roofUPDATE 2014: Under One Roof has now changed it's name to 25ONECommunity. Same great organization, new name. If you were looking for proof that Ottawa’s hip factor is on the rise, look no further than this blog post. Ottawa peeps, meet Under One Roof, our newest social mission “hub.” So here’s the scoop: Under One Roof is modeled after the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto - it is another example of a growing trend of not-for-profit “hubs.” “You can be a for-profit business or a non-profit, but in order to be accepted here you have to have a social mission,” says Diane Touchette, Under One Roof President and Founder.

iphoneBecause I am directionally challenged, I rely heavily on my iPhone’s GPS navigation system. And it’s a fabulous system: what a joy to be able to toggle from the “route” view, where it tells you where to go in the next 40 metres, to the “overview” where it shows you an overview of the route you are taking to your destination. As an added bonus, the app will provide you with one or two alternate routes that will still get you to your destination. Wouldn't it be awesome to have one of those apps for your fundraising year? Of course we all track metrics – number of applications completed, number of visits with donors, number of hits to our donation page online – but there is no magic app that compiles all of this and tells us where to go, or what to do to ensure we meet our targets for the year.

diceFull disclosure for this blog post: I barely passed statistics in university. I was an Economics minor that took the remedial statistics class. I memorized my formulas and squeaked my way through the course. Fast forward a few – almost 20 – years, and it turns out that I use statistics quite a bit in my daily life as a fundraiser. Thankfully I am not calculating statistics, but rather I use statistics to emphasize a point, demonstrate a need, or to highlight a social inequality.

Statistics – the big, the bad and the ugly

Not-for-profits spend a lot of time talking about big statistics: