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Exercise your “ask muscle”

Exercise your “ask muscle”

ask muscleFundraising asks happen behind closed doors, in private.  In my Major Gift Mastery courses,  Module 4 is the section where we role play to exercise our “ask muscles.”

Here’s some key takeaways from my last Major Gifts Mastery “ask” discussion. Which ones resonate the most with you? Add them in the comments section below and let’s open up the doors, and learn from each other’s experiences “making the ask”

“Practicing the ask” highlights

Work with donors to build trust and rapport through a common shared interest.
Approach every single conversation as a “share the passion” opportunity.

Listen more than you talk.

Look for the spark in your donor’s eyes.
Understand my hurdles about making the ASK and be clear about what is holding me back.
Practicing the ask is part of my journey to become better at my job.
I am ready and open to discovering connections between donors and myself.
Find commonalities between myself and my donors!
I’m ready to listen to objectives and to find the right path forward for each donor
An objection is a hurdle to overcome, not a “stop in your tracks” obstacle.

I understand that a “no” is not personal.

Ready to exercise your “ask muscle?” Join me for the next Major Gifts Mastery course.